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Just going to go hang out with my 800g and 500g jars of Nutella tonight…

Eleven months of video diaries later, this is it.


Be on the lookout for the ENTIRE year of 2013 coming soon:)

So November is over.

While that went by fast, it only means two things: 

     my monthly video diary for the month comes quicker than we realize (yay!)
     there is only one month left until my recording an entire year of my life is complete.


At any rate, here’s November! 


I’ve been taking a 1-second video every day since January 1, 2013…and either my life has gotten increasingly more boring, or I’m starting to hit a creative burn out with what I’m recording. 

Either way, for better or for worse, here is the month of October. Some days knowing that I have to take a video motivates me to do something fun and exciting that I wouldn’t normally have done. Other days, there really isn’t much happening. At all. 

But that’s part of the whole production - sometimes life is exciting and you get to be in a wedding or throw candy at screaming children. Sometimes it means working ten hours at a thrift store on Halloween because it’s a part of your job. 

So, exciting or not, here’s what MY October looked like! 

September 2013:
A month that spanned two countries, three states, and forty seconds. 

Here’s what went down…

1. Testing out the new swimming pool

2. Bringing in the 31 horse herd for the morning

3. Bowling with the staff

4. Slow day at the store = great day for reading

5. 30 minute traffic jam? At least the view was nice!

6. Staff Pool Party!

7. Testing out the mushroom at the new pool

8. Setting up a high ropes element and getting “creative” in how to retrieve a stuck rope

9. Day trip to Niagara Falls!

10. Testing out the new outdoor inflatable movie screen and the pool lights by night

11. 1,300 DVDs waiting to be burned

12. Labeling 1,300 DVDs

13. Mailing 1,300 DVDs

14. Movie Night in downtown Millersburg

15. Our flock of ducks…they make me laugh.

16. Driving back from Akron with a beautiful sunset

17. Gorgeous day + awesome car right outside of my windown

18. Photoshop Homework: edit a picture of Chewbacca in a staff photo

19. Staff vs Board of Directors Volleyball Match

20. How deep cleaning a cabin can quickly turn into “jump from the top bunk into the pile of 16 Tempurpedic mattresses”

21. Just a balloon dinosaur fight at the Spaghetti Warehouse

22. Frozen yogurt with the former ISS gang

23. Karissa’s first geocaching adventure!

24. Trying to replace a large vinyl map on Erin’s window…okay no, I was just goofing off.

25. Taking all the inflatables out of the pond and cleaning them day!

26. Found my favorite hoodie (that I lost on camp property a year ago) for sale at our camp’s thrift store

27. Making hand tossed pizzas for our guest group

28. Paintball!

29. A celebratory game of pool after moving to our (the other two female interns and myself) new housing!

30. Poker night with the apprentices - I tried to get out but ended up winning. 

And the wave? On the “Maid of the Mist” ferry ride in Niagara Falls! :)


“Waldeinsamkeit can be described as something wonderful, poetic, peaceful, calm, relaxed, and at one with nature.”
(submitted by whywalkwhenyoucanwaltz)

Another example of the beauty of the German language that English can’t quite match.

If you took a one-second video of something you did every day for a year…well, here’s what one month out of those twelve may look like!

Welcome to August! 

1. Trip to Walmart - that’s right, ours has a hitching post for the Amish

2. Playing in the rafters 

3. Driving through Colorado on Day 1 of an Erikson Family Vacation

4. Welcome to Utah!

5. The Colorado River from a lookout at Dead Horse Point State Park

6. Hiking in Capitol Reef National Park

7. Petrogylphs at Capitol Reef

8. The über-friendly squirrels at Zion National Park

9. Horseback riding (okay, they were mules) through Zion National Park

10. Rolling down a sand dune in Utah…FINALLY!

11. Storm cloud that rained over one section of desert 

12. Sunset on our houseboat on Lake Powell

13. Watersliding into Lake Powell early in the morning

14. Exploring Grand Canyon National Park at night and passing by some HUGE elk

15.Where New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah meet 

16. Mesa Verde National Park 

17. Sunset over the clouds while flying back to Cleveland

18. Spinning around in circles because I didn’t have a camera on me all day to record what was going on

19. Geocaching with friends FTW!

20. “Art Project” at the pool construction site - cementing pipes in walls

21. The Monster Challenge: trying out every kind of Monster available - to begin: Java Irish Blend.

22. Apprenticeship Overview Day - here’s what our ducks look like

23. Monster Challenge 2: Cuba Lima

24. Serving Food…Dance Break.

25. Facilitating Large Group Games with the staff

26. That Geocache? It’s hanging on top of the flagpole :D

27. Hangin’ out at Hidden Treasure Thrift Store

28. Decorating a Princess Castle Barn

29. Because when you play epic music from your computer and turn your back for five seconds…the entire staff ends up in your office

30. Mop/Sweeping the pool to prepare for WATER! :D

31. Floating Lanterns with a guest church 

Oh, and that wave in the beginning? Chillin’ in Lake Powell :) 

The month of July, as lived by me :) 

1. Eating cheesecake…fall out of chair. For some reason stay on ground and videotape.

2. Archery with some awesome campers

3. Battling through the wild Mohican River

4. Filming a promo video for the Holme’s County Rough ‘n Rugged Race

5. Friday Night Madness Treat: Fruit Basket of AWESOME! …with chocolate milk

6. Testing the new outdoor movie screen

7. Driving down the lane at sunset

8. Test flying our new Media “toy” - a quadcopter for GoPros

9. 129,999 miles to 130,000!

10. SCUBA camp!

11. Taking “Serenity” (our quadcopter) out to get some scenic footage

12. Scuba diving in a stone quarry with campers and bluegill…lots of bluegill

13. Playing with Luke the dog

14. FIGHT NIGHT as seen from above

15. Oh hey friend Emily! Catch me!

16. Using Serenity to videotape campers on our newest high adventure element “Goliath”

17. Three wheeling my way down to the pond

18. Chapel service as seen from above

19. Because the DVD duplicator is my favorite piece of equipment in the media office

20. Pizza. Pets. Friends. Pool. Lifetime Movies. Awesome.

21. A normal drive to lunch. I don’t even know what’s going on.

22. Junior Campers + Face Paint = Amazing

23. Paddle boating

24. Helmet battle betwixt Joe (Viking Helm) and myself (Loki’s Helmet)

25. Time lapse(ish) sunset over the lodge and frontier cabins

26. Getting the campers pumped up for the rodeo: be loud and run fast

27. Geocaching in Parma! Yay!

28. An intense arcade basketball battle

29. Driving down the lane for footage and got distracted by myself in the mirror

30. Wowing my campers with some mad Rubik’s Cube skill

31. Pretending that I know what I’m doing on stage with a bass guitar

July’s “Wave” was proudly brought to you by: SCUBA Camp! 

Fiance mentioned that my thighs were “very large”


Not sure if I am proud of that fact or pissed.  


So I responded by looking up synonyms for “very large.”  I will now ONLY refer to my thighs as “epic” or “prodigious.”  




My first full month back in the States, starting what will become my full time job. 

Let’s see if the rest of the year looks as exciting as this!

1. Emily’s Wedding

2. Nothing like a climb to the top of the Zip Line Tree

3. I’m building a computer!

4. Staff interviews 

5. So I accidentally locked Erin out of her office…and had to climb in through her window to unlock the door

6. My boss’s “Welcome to the Team” 360* hug/spin

7. Peanut Butter Chocolate Bugles belong in the safe

8. Program Directors. Karaoke. ‘Nuff said.

9. Leg wrestling

10. Chest bump while Jon put on all 23 extra staff shirts

11. Baby peachicks!

12. Breakfast cookout with the Pioneer Campers

13. Zip Lining over the pond

14. The summer’s first Glory Bowl

15. Tubing with my staff - wipe out

16. Stopping to admire beauty along the way

17. Climbing to the top of the Giant Swing - anything for a good shot

18. Solving a double pyramid styled rubik’s cube

19. Teaching Joe how to open a bottle without a bottle opener

20. Running chapel

21. Erin’s face after I smashed a fake rubik’s cube mug to pieces to illustrate the time I broke her real cube

22. Fight Night prep

23. Spontaneous ice cream run with Lauren!

24. Leg wrestling in the aftermath of Fight Night

25. Prepping a 90lb. camper to get double blobbed

26. Hanging out with the Aviation Campers 

27. DJ-ing a spontaneous Jr. High dance party

28. Jazzercise with the Aviation Campers while waiting for the clouds to clear

29. GaGa Ball in downtown Millersburg with the summer staff

30. Monster and Movie run with Erin - still the same two years later

And this month’s wave was brought to you by: the top of the zip line tree!